Hibrix’s freelance Profile and career

Period: 2014-2018

Period: 2012-2014

  • Web design, development and maintenance of the website for the charitable organisation Jóvenes de San José (Barcelona).
  • Web design and development of the website for the training academy Proyecta (Barcelona).
  • Web development collaborations for Wion.es (Barcelona).

Period: 2011-2012

  • Design and development of the Joomla based online magazine VoyeurDesign (Barcelona).

Period: 2010-2011

  • Design and development of ArkeTip,  a free minimalist and multipurpose theme for WordPress.
  • Design of Graphical User Interface (GUI) for CrowdStory software application prototype, especially developed for iPad and iPhone.
  • Logo design and brand development, including full website (custom PHP5-MySQL based CMS) for Spot-Trade (UK-Argentina).
  • Logo and website design for the photography company Ludika Visual (Argentina).
  • Different works of graphic design, web development and art direction for the Free Software Foundation. Long distance design contributions.
  • Animated logo design for Human Camp company event projection.

Period: 2008-2010 (all long distance/remote collaborations)

  • Image development and website for the interior design agency Vite (Barcelona).
  • Illustrated t-shirt design for Mr. Macho (EEUU).
  • Design and development of custom PHP5-MySQL dynamic website (CMS) for the adventure travel agency Dragón de la Patagonia (Chile).

Period: 2005-2008

  • Design, production and live visuals for the drinks brand Dr. Lemon.
  • Development of interactive DVDs for different companies (Argentina, EEUU).
  • Design, creative direction and layout of the magazine V-Room (Motorola).
  • Flyer design for different events in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Period: 2003-2005

  • Graphic designer, photographer and multimedia producer for the advertising agency Blue Lemon.
  • Integral part of the artistic collective Montcada5.

Period: 2001-2003

  • Different collaborations of photography and graphic design for fashion and advertising.
  • Freelance photographer and reporter for the free distribution magazine Revista Go Mag (concert photos and portraits). I also did the photos for the fashion section of the magazine.

Period: 2000-2001

  • Photography assistant at the graphic design and advertising studio Richard-Ausó.